PM Lee says social media cannot be left alone: Lee’s Fixation?

Apparently the PAP is still smarting over the loss of Punggol East in the by-election.
PM Lee hinted darkly at controlling the internet when he said yesterday that the social media cant be left alone.

This surprises no one as the core value of the ruling party is repression.

After amending the supposedly sacred Constitution to clamp down on dissent, now the ruling regime is contemplating controlling the internet to tighten the screw further. It can be deduced that it attributed its stunning electoral loss to the influence of the social media.

Instead of listening to the grievances on the ground and taking remedial action, PM Lee is fixated on how to fix the opposition.

It seems to me PM Lee is always one step behind. Once denounced as the lunatic fringe, the social media now is causing him nightmares.

Long an admirer of another authoritarian regime, China, PM Lee may emulate them in blocking social media like YouTube, blogs and news content his regime considers undesirable.

The mainstream media is already government-controlled. The regime sees the internet as the greatest threat to its existence.

Freedom House ranks Singapore 150 out of 197 for democracy. With its threat to control the internet, Singapore might even land at the bottom of the class.

How this will play out will be debated online. I await with bated breath PM Lee’s next move.


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  1. he will lose more seats faster if he refuses to listen !

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