Population White Paper: A Sinister Agenda?

First of all I’d like to take my cap (tennis) off to the ruling regime for their great ability in calculating to remarkable precision the population of 6.9 million by 2030.

As I said in the previous post, the regime has lost touch and this spells doom for any political party. More so for a repressive one like the PAP.

Really, does it know what it’s doing?

With the current population where the foreign population stands at 40% many problems plague Singaporeans whatever your political hues.

In the public libraries, there’s competition to read the newspapers. That means a longer waiting time. Trains and buses are dangerously overcrowded. At playgrounds, children compete to use the facilities. At bus terminus, again there’s competition for space to park your bikes. Foreigners compete with locals for choice schools. Housing, COEs prices have been driven up.

Ha, boring to list the rest. We locals know.

PM Lee has already admitted his regime were overtaken by events. They were blindsided he said.

This is putting things euphemistically. Just being defensive. But they were actually sleeping on the job while pocketing millions in salaries and bonuses.

Can we trust the regime to have enough infrastructure in place by 2030? Clearly no.

Apart from other perceived talents beloved of the regime, that in procreation is another one. Who is to say they cant reproduce at the rate they desire?

So from 7 million…sorry 6.9 million we might enjoy a windfall of another half a million?

Like the GRC, don’t be fooled. The regime has its own sinister agenda.

And that is to hang onto power with the votes of the foreign elements.
Trust the PAP and risk your children’s future.


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