White Paper on Population: Singaporeans say NO

Say what you like about Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore but he has an infectious smile and perhaps laughter too. He has a hidden side that the public are not aware of: a great sense of humour.

Before the Punggol East by-election, he declared that the PAP stood by the side of Singaporeans. Haha, had me chuckling for a few days. My neighbor thought I had gone crazy.

Then two days ago he sprang another gem of a joke: Singapore will be a great liveable city. Haha, no doubt PM Lee has the talent as a stand-up comedian if he ever chooses to quit the rough and tumble of politics.

He knows the value of comic relief given the undercurrent of resentment against proposals to boost the population to almost 7 million.

PM Lee continuesto be in self-denial and deaf to the uproar over the White Paper on Population.

A newly-created Facebook page puts it best with two words blanketing a map of Singapore: F*** OFF, WE ARE FULL. In two days it had chalked up almost 6000 Likes.

I also say NO to the White Paper on Population.

Cleaner: “PM Lee said Singapore will be a great liveable city? You mean for him?”


3 Responses to “White Paper on Population: Singaporeans say NO”

  1. The fact is we say no, but does the government bother? I don’t really hate the foreigners. I only hate PAP and those fucking employers. They keep saying not able to get workers when in fact they don’t want to pay a decent salary because what they want are cheap foreign workers. When you’re over 40 and look for jobs, they say you’re too old, when in fact they just don’t want to pay the salary of an experienced worker and what they only want is cheap foreign workers disguise as ‘foreign talents’. How many strikes from foreign workers can make those stupid employers to realize that foreign workers are no longer cheap?

    So, I don’t know why some fellow Singaporeans want to side with the government for saying the mainland Chinese drivers did the wrong thing or break the law. What kind of law? This kind of anti-strike law is just meant to suppress workers’ rights not to protect workers’ rights. Why must we obey such stupid laws? Are we really that stupid? No wonder the government looks down on us and keep saying Singapore needs foreign talents.

  2. A famous Taiwanness author once said Singaporeans are stupid. I cannot agree more. With so many flawed policies hurting them, they still believe in those so-called ‘good quality able men paid with obscene salaries’ and continue to put them in Parliament to continue to bring misery to them. Son of LKY has a hidden sense of humour, he is a joker, with a bunch of idiots followers. Sigh!

    • My Malaysian friends also say Singaporeans are cowards. Hopefully with the alternative media Singaporeans will see thought the duplicity.

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