White Paper on Population: People’s Action Party betrays the people

With its projected increase in the population to almost 7 million, the White Paper on Population has exposed the duplicity of the ruling People’s Action Party.

I have never seen such an outpouring of outrage over this issue. Even the PAP Town Councils-AIM scandal (the subject of an inquiry but widely seen as not independent) pales in comparison.

Yahoo News on the controversy attracted more than 2000 comments, and counting, with 99.9% condemning the government for the betrayal. On the alternative media like TR EMERITUS, THE SINGAPORE DAILY, ONLINE CITIZENS and the like, the fury continues unabated.

Both sides of the political divide and fence-sitters are unanimous in their condemnation. Some denounced the ruling PAP for its broken promises over the population issue.

Indeed at his Swearing-in Ceremony in May 2011, PM Lee Hsien Loong vowed, among other things, “… to engage our citizens to build an outstanding city..”
Engage our citizens?

He further declared: “Here we can work together for the common good, and share our pride in being Singaporeans”.

There might be no Singaporeans left in future.
Transitioning.org is organising a protest at Hong Lim Park on 16 Feb (Sat) at 4.30pm – “Say NO to 6.9 million population”.

Please share this information with people who wish to support the cause.



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  1. The fury is probably due to the fact that this mistake will be irreversible unlike even AIMS scandal which is really bad, but can be corrected.

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