Most expensive cities in the world: Singapore ranks 6th, well done PAP

It’d come as no surprise to Singaporeans that the country is the 6th most expensive city in the world according to the Economist Intelligence Unit in its latest survey of transport, utilities, food, clothing and other items in 131 cities across the world.

However, with its obsession with ranking the Singapore government must be showering themselves with accolades.

Top 10 most expensive cities
1. Tokyo, Japan (+1 place)
2. Osaka, Japan (+1)
3. Sydney, Australia (+4)
=4. Oslo, Norway (+1)
=4. Melbourne, Australia (+4)
6. Singapore (+3)
7. Zurich, Switzerland (-6)
8. Paris, France (-2)
9. Caracas, Venezuela (+25)
10. Geneva, Switzerland (-7)

Incredibly, we are even more expensive than London (16th). A friend who visited London recently told me he found shopping there cheaper than Singapore.

What have contributed to being the 6th most expensive city in the world? High petrol tax, ERP and sky-high COEs have led to higher transport cost for example.

With its obsession in inflating government revenue, the ruling regime imposes all sorts of taxes, fees and levies. For instance, utilities bills attract two taxes, the GST and water conservation tax.

The man in the street suffers as he struggles to make ends meet. Ministers, who are the highest paid in the world for governing a mere 700 sq km dot of an island, are immune to the high cost of living.

PM Lee claimed that his party, the PAP, stood at the side of Singaporeans. It’s easy to make such a claim but has his government addressed the issue of escalating cost of living? Has he ever expressed anxiety, dismay? Has he cut any taxes, fees and levies? None.

On the contrary, there’s the impending increase in public transport fares. With this government, greed is a core value.

For example, it increased property tax. Why? Because it said rentals have gone up as if all of us are rolling in money renting out our properties. Therefore, TAX THEM!

If the PAP government really stood at the side of Singaporeans, it’d have said something along these lines: “To raise property tax is unfair because not everyone rents out their properties.”

On illegal parking it can say: “Sometimes it’s difficult to find a parking space. As long as they don’t cause obstruction or park along a main road, it’s ok. After all most park for a few minutes to buy meals for the family or a loaf of bread. And don’t forget they are paying the highest road tax in the world.”

Instead it finds the flimsiest excuse to chase after every cent.

So, not only is PM Lee’s claim laughable but it also shows a government that is sadly out of touch.

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