Europol probe: Singapore at heart of global match-fixing empire

I read with shock news reports that Europol has fingered Singapore as the HQ for match-fixing in European football competitions.

Europol is the European Union’s criminal investigations arm.

They drew together evidence that criminal gangs based in Singapore had corrupted about 425 officials, players and other individuals in 15 countries, paying up to £120,000 in single bribes to rig the outcome of games.

It’s incredible that criminal gangs could have operated in squeaky-clean Singapore without the authorities, ever so vigilant to clamp down on opposition figures, getting a whiff of them. Or their operations were so sophisticated that they managed to elude the authorities.

Whatever it is, Singapore’s image as corruption-free (almost) has been battered.

In squeaky-clean Singapore, many foreigners think the country is a dull place. On the contrary vice thrives to such an extent that even Malaysians and Indonesians are drawn here like a magnet.

No wonder the results of some football matches looked suspicious.

Singapore it appears has added another feather to its cap. Apart from being the 6th most expensive city in the world, beating even London and New York, it’s now even arguably the football match-fixing capital of the world.


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  1. Can’t understand what’s so shocking about this? Only people who just born yesterday will believe Singapore is ‘clean’ – in fact Singapore is one of the major legalized money-laundering centers disguised as wealth management center. Singapore accepts all kinds of dirty money from corrupt officials, dictators, businessmen who run foul of the law. Singapore is just like a prostitute, willing to ‘sleep with anyone who can pay’ – accepting and welcoming all kinds of crooks as long as they can put money into Singapore!

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