Parliamentary Debate on White Paper on Population: Singaporeans continue to seethe with anger

I’ve been following the debate on the White Paper on Population in Parliament, in blogs and the social media.

The inescapable conclusion is that the majority of Singaporeans stand solidly together to denounce the ruling party for the projected population growth of 6.9 million. So well calibrated? Not 7 million are they sure? A generous discount? Why look down on us again as though we have shit for brain?

The ruling party have been at pains to stress that it would be good for us. Yes, they said GRC was good for us too. And ERP and COE were good for us too. Foreign workers were good for us too. Ok, nice to be so caring.

They have cried wolf too many times. Nobody believes them anymore.

The ruling party has yet to address the accusation that it has a sinister motive: to hang on to power with the votes of new foreign-born citizens since Singaporeans have lost trust in them.

All politicians are the same, particularly in authoritarian ones like ours: to hang on to power by unscrupulous means and changing the Constitution.

The current population with 40% foreigners already provokes many to seethe with rage. The government without any shadow of doubt has lost touch. Everybody can see through the lip service declarations like “We stand at the side of Singaporeans”.

During GE 2011, humility and expressions of regret, promises to do better were in full play. But after the election it was business as usual, reverting to their customary arrogance and repressive behaviour (law suits).

Hardly surprising really. Because those are its core values.

Hardly surprising also is the forgone conclusion that the White Paper will win the approval of PAP MPs. After all they are picked not for their ability but for their talent in being Yes men.

ESM Goh showed he was totally out of touch when he praised PM Lee for his leadership over the White Paper. What leadership?

PAP MP Inderjit Singh made a good impression. He spoke of slower growth so Singaporeans can have a more comfortable life. Many problems were created, he said, in the last decade and these should be solved first before we take the next step.

A protest will be held at Hong Lim Park on Sat 16 Feb at 4:30 pm. If a crowd the size of WP rallies turns up, it’d be a powerful message to the out of touch PM, former PMs, Ministers and PAP MPs.

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  1. I share the same views…

    The protest should be 16 Feb, not Jan. Anyway, I’ll be there to give my support.

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