White Paper on Population endorsed: but not endorsed by public opinion

To no one’s surprise, the ruling repressive regime won an overwhelming victory on the White Paper on Population issue. A foreign observer may be impressed without realizing that the regime has near-total control of Parliament.

With this dominance, it can pass any law it sees fit even to the extent of entrenching its power through unjust legislation. The GRC comes to mind among others.

The mess was created by the regime in the first place by its growth at all cost policy. As Ministerial salaries and bonuses are tied to GDP it’s in their vested interest to aim for greater and greater GDP. Chinese officials in China do the same thing.

This has created the mess today.

Its formula is always to create a sense of crisis and foreboding to rally the people. But this time no one is buying its fairy tale. It’s like a hotel management neglecting on maintenance and then warning of its imminent collapse if nothing is done.

The White Paper is nothing more than an attempt to hang on to power with the votes of newly-minted citizens. It’s consistent with laws to weaken the opposition.

Regime is self-serving. Now the scales have fallen from the eyes of Singaporeans and they now see the emperor not in his resplendent clothes but in his nakedness.

White Paper on Population may be endorsed by PAP Yes men but condemned by a large swathe of society

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