Protest against 6.9 million: PAP has lost trust

The protest against 6.9 million White Paper on Population is galvanising not only Singaporeans but also the international media giants like BBC, Reuters.

PM Lee says 6.9 million is only a worst-case scenario. Trouble is given his past broken promises and lip service declarations, the man in the street no longer trusts the regime.

Many see a sinister motive i.e. to hang onto power with the support of new foreign citizens.

Its past record of duplicity gives credence to this view. Regime said the GRC was good for us.

But it was a means to emasculate the opposition and to sneak in new MPs in walkovers or on the tailcoats of Ministers.

Regime has cried wolf too many times. Two by-election defeats in the space of 8 months have failed to deliver any lessons.

Already the Singapore as we know it has changed irrevocably with the influx of foreigners. With 6.9 million, Singapore will have gone with the wind.

Show your support this Saturday 16 Feb at 4 pm at Hong Lim Park. Wear black to signify protest.

(In the late 80s and 90s an immigration crisis engulfed Sweden, resulting in unemployment and a backlash. A referendum was held in which the people voted against accepting immigrants).

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