White Paper on Population Bulldozed through Parliament: Singaporeans to be minority

I have never seen Singaporeans seething with such anger over an issue.

Against a backdrop of bitter opposition to the White Paper on Population, the PAP-dominated Parliament bulldozed it through, confirming once again its customary arrogance.

It famously once said it cared two hoots what the public think; it’d do what was right. Consistent with repression as its core value.

PM Lee Hsien Loong, whose leadership is increasingly being questioned, declared recently that the PAP stood at the side of Singaporeans. But as usual he failed to take the opposition from large segments of society seriously.

He could have lifted the whip and allowed his MPs to vote freely according to their conscience. But the result could be a big embarrassment and could threaten the legitimacy of his administration.

Or he could have said something along these lines: This issue is going to impact on the lives of many Singaporeans, many fearing they would soon be a minority in their own country. I will call for a cooling off period, listen closely to the concerns of Singaporeans, as promised during my swearing-in ceremony after GE 2011. We will not be rash and bulldoze this through Parliament. We may call for a referendum and let Singaporeans decide their future.”

The determination with which it bulldozed its way shows once again how out of touch the regime has become.
With PAP yes men in Parliament it was a forgone conclusion what the outcome would be.

A pyrrhic victory, is it not?

According to the Constitution, a referendum could be held if the President were to reject the White Paper. But with his ties closer than Siamese twins to the ruling regime and FamiLee, this scenario can be ruled out.

As UK and France have discovered to their cost, immigration is one of those things that is hard to calibrate. Poor oversight and corruption could lead to abuses, enabling whole clans and illegals to enter the country via the backdoor.

I shudder to think I’d be a minority one day. Already at times I feel this way.

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