SIA’s Krisflyer: worst frequent flyer programme?

SIA’s KrisFlyer sucks big time.

I received an email from Krisflyer announcing certain promotions.

I had been trying to contact Krisflyer regarding my membership but its website takes you on a merry go round when I tried to send an online feedback.

So I said Aha, now I can reply. But my reply (queries on my membership) “bounced” back and was not delivered to Krisflyer.

Apparently Krisflyer does not welcome feedback. S

With this sort of poor customer service, no wonder SIA is slipping.

KrisFlyer’s frequent flyer programme must be the worst among premium airlines.

Shape up, Krisflyer!

SIA’s CEO, do something.

SIA is definitely at the back of the queue when it comes to my next trip.


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  1. I have some bad experiences. I was flying to Madras and I called to ask for the meals they provide so that they could prepare in advance. I was unable to get it done. Last time, I was able to choose the seat in advance and the food online but now it is so messy. Something is wrong somewhere. Communication is breaking down like the MRT. People are getting fed up with the PAP. Is it that cronyism has got into our system?

    • Perhaps it’s due to the management. The CEO should do the undercover thing.

      On KrisFlyer, a customer has this to say:

      “I am an elite member and whenever I call to make a redemption booking 90% of the time they tell me that there are no seats available despite wanting to book 6-7 months in advance. This sounds extremely fishy to me and I am sure that they are lying to their teeth because they don’t want frequent travellers like myself to make use of my points.”

  2. If anyone out there has any doubt that SIA sucks, check this out… long strand of hair in the meal, defective entertainment system, broken seat in FIRST CLASS all in the SAME flight!!!

  3. I registered online again but after two months the membership card has yet to be sent to me.

    They also didn’t inform me about the impending expiry of my previous card. KrisFlyer must have exulted in the fact that my points also evaporated along with the expiry.

    What’s galling is when I booked an SIA flight, it had the cheek to tell me that had I been a KrisFlyer member I’d have earned so many points.

    Ya, smart.

    No more SIA if there’s a choice.

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