Protest against 6.9 million: what has PM Lee achieved since GE 2011?

On the eve of the public protest against boosting our population to 6.9 million, it’s perhaps timely to reflect on the achievements or rather lack of them since the watershed General Election 2011.

At his swearing-in ceremony in May 2011, the Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong of the PAP, made some stirring promises.

Some of these include: his government would accommodate more competing views, review ministerial salaries, build a bright future, commit itself to inclusive growth, create a fair and just society, put Singaporeans first.

So what’s the reality 20 months later?

Is our life much better? Do we get that feeling that yes, under the PAP we have a bright future? There’s a spring in our steps as we go to work?

And do we feel after 50 years of repressive rule, finally we can feel in our bones that Singapore is a fair and just society?

Unfortunately, it’s safe to claim that the majority will say No. The fact that the ruling regime lost two by-elections in the span of 8 months attests to that.

The reality?

Trains keep breaking down, lawyer’s letters being sent to opposition figures like confetti, the AIM scandal, the continued influx of foreigners, the way the White Paper on Population was bulldozed through Parliament, the elderly still toiling away as cleaners, ministerial salaries despite the cuts still the world’s highest, a government that scorns public opinion.

True, it carried out a National Conversation but this is widely seen as farcical.

Housing and COEs continue to touch record levels. Prices of most things have shot up but not a single tax has been reduced.

And the PM declared that the PAP stood at the side of Singaporeans before a by-election!

PM Lee ended his swearing-in speech with a call to action: “I call on all Singaporeans to come forth with your ideas and energies…to create a better Singapore.”

This is precisely what we will be doing tomorrow at Hong Lim Park at 4pm.

Hope PM Lee will take great satisfaction in knowing that Singaporeans are acting on his suggestion.

It’d even be better if he comes around to say hello and perhaps distribute some ang pow.

If he can rouse the guy in the Istana from his prolonged lethargy to pop in that’d even be better. Good for his CV.

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