Protest against 6.9 million: Occupy Hong Lim ( OHL)

The organisers were not exaggerating. An estimated 4000 turned up is the consensus.

Yahoo! News agrees. So do some international media.

Except who you and I know. It’s ST or widely reviled as Shitty Times for its shameless propaganda for the regime. It downplayed the numbers to 1000 to 1500.

The protest was also broadcast on
BBC World Service.

I was there. I’ve been to protest gatherings here many times and I’ve never seen HLP packed to the rafters.

In the past Shitty Times and TODAY reporters were conspicuous but on Saturday I saw none. Perhaps, the size of the crowd intimidated them.

I was hoping to be interviewed, and then give them a piece of my mind. But apparently they went undercover. Given the hostility towards Shitty Times, they cowered.

The peaceful protest was a defining moment.

There was Occupy Wall Street in Sept 2011 (OWS) that began in a park.

We have Occupy Hong Lim (OHL) that also began in a park!

Thousands stand up for Singapore

A multi-racial protest involving the young and the elderly

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