Protest against 6.9 million: Occupy Hong Lim Part 2

Even the international media sat up and took notice. They sensed a historic moment. They were right.

While the international media sought answers during the press conference after the protest against 6.9 million, the local media were subdued and tongue-tied.

The momentum has to be kept up. It must not be allowed to ebb away and die a natural death.

The opposition must keep themselves in the public eye, and build up a strong opposition base. Speaking up only on the eve of the next General Election due in 2016 may be too late.

The regime can count on the various public institutions and the mainstream media to churn out propaganda day in and day out. The opposition relies only on the internet.

A physical presence to reach out to the people is also important. Regular demonstrations and protest gatherings must be held at Hong Lim.

The international media will be interested if they realize that Saturday’s protest was not a flash in the pan. That deep-seated issues are troubling Singaporeans. That there’s something rotten in the state.

Parliament rubber-stamps everything.

Occupy Hong Lim!

Elderly poor: slogging away in the world’s 3rd richest country with a GDP per capita of US $60,688 (World Bank)

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