Singapore’s Press Freedom Index 2013: plunging, plunging

News that Singapore has plunged to 149th from 135th in the World Press Index 2013 comes as no surprise to Singaporeans.

The mainstream media is government-controlled and the mouthpiece of the regime. And like all regimes that gag their media, the regime’s core value is indisputably one of repression.

It’s also indisputable that the MSM is losing readership hence their efforts in launching all sorts of promotions to lure subscribers.

But Singaporeans are not biting.

Many have gravitated to the Internet for news especially the younger generation. Even the older generation are following suit.

One must be out of one’s mind to pay to read the news these days.

Stacks of MSM newspapers remaining unsold are common sights.

This may bewilder the MSM. They brag that they are trustworthy. Their ability at self-deception is extraordinary.

But there’s no mystery, is there? People can no longer be conned.

By this time next year, Singapore’s Press Freedom Index will have plunged even lower. That’s a certainty as it has progressively worsened over the years.

After all it’s consistent with a one-party state which controls not only the MSM but also the unions and public institutions.

What a shame!
Common sight: MSM papers still unsold by mid-afternoon on a Sunday at a supermart


3 Responses to “Singapore’s Press Freedom Index 2013: plunging, plunging”

  1. Don’t think SPH hardly cares about this, my guess is more than 50% of its total earnings are from rental earnings (shopping malls). Mainstream newspapers circulation has been declining for quite a number of years. They just can’t be bothered. The newspapers are meant to serve the government, not the public.

  2. > One must be out of one’s mind to pay to read the news these days.

    No, but one must truly be out of one’s mind to pay for the local equivalent of Pyongyang Sinmun. Singapore newspapers have long reminded me of the old Soviet joke that reminds us that “in Pravda (‘Truth’) there is no news, and in Izvestia (‘News’) no truth.”

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