LTA, Certis: Enforcement Officers greedy or hardworking?

It’s getting ridiculous. In fact, it’s high-handed.

With LTA farming out traffic enforcement duties to Certis Cisco, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

LTA Enforcement Officers from Certis roam far and wide, and even late at night in search of vehicles to issue summons.

I’ve seen them even in a quiet private estate at 10.30 pm. They even venture into backlanes to look for business.

Since there is a profit sharing incentive, these officers are driven by money and nothing else.

They don’t show any understanding or exercise discretion.

They even issued a fine to a van parked in a cul de sac in a quiet private estate off Yio Chu Kang Road at 10 pm. There was absolutely no obstruction or inconvenience to residents.

The regular traffic police would show greater understanding but not these so called “officers”, mainly recruited from Malaysia.

The government squeezes citizens for money all the time. LTA and Certis serve the government very well in this respect.

It’s all very well in enforcing the law to keep the roads safe for everyone but another matter when it becomes predatory.

LTA continues to amaze me with its creative ways to squeeze more money out of the motoring public. Apparently the billions it makes from ERP and COEs are not enough.

What’s the real motive LTA?

What is without doubt is that LTA can take credit in creating resentment against the government.

Almost 10 pm, Certis/LTA officer leaves no stone unturned in search of $$$$.

As long as $$$$$ beckons even parking in quiet dead-end road attracts Certis/LTA officers like bees to honey.


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  2. Sorry to hear that. Many are fed up. They are making life stressful for drivers. Stop to buy a loaf of bread and get fined is an experience many have related to me.

  3. Saw another one of them at 10:46 pm in a very quiet private estate looking for cars to book. Remind me of vultures. LTA, residents know how to regulate parking matters without your interference. The billions you collected recently from sky-high COEs not enough to give you an A in the performance appraisal? WTF.

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