White Paper on Population: lack of integration a time bomb?

Observant Singaporeans have long noticed that foreigners living and working here, including new citizens and PRs are not interested in integration.


Since they number in their thousands they are comfortable with life here. Why make the effort to integrate? After all life in their enclaves is good.

The HDB playground near my place is a good reflection of this attitude. Each community keeps to themselves.

PRC people come out at night and mingle only among themselves. The Indians and Pinoy do likewise.

Their kids don’t mix with those from
other communities. Basketball is played with those from the same nationality.

The regime has launched a number of initiatives to encourage integration. But it’s a little too late.

Regime leaders were probably mesmerised by good GDP figures. PM Lee said they were blind-sided. The unpalatable truth is that he fell asleep.

The sad fact is that the regime lost touch.

A Channel 8 real-time poll showed that 92.5% were in favour of a reduced foreign population.

PAP yes-men MPs would have us believe otherwise. Against the will of the people they bulldozed the White Paper through Parliament.

Foreign kids: comfortable with their own kind


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