LTA, Certis: Enforcement Officers, greedy or hardworking? Part 2

Pointing to a group of LTA Enforcement “Officers”, a stranger recently whispered to me,”Malaysians”.

In Singapore these Malaysian Enforcement “Officers” from
Certis Cisco “action only” in the words of a Malaysian friend.

In Malaysia, traffic wardens are more understanding and less quick on the draw.

You can tell them, ” Five minutes, I go to the shop” and they’d say OK. They even alert you by horning their bike to warn you of their presence.

Over here it’s hit and run. That is they quickly book you and then vanish in case you return suddenly.

This has led to hostility between drivers and these “officers”.

In one well-publicised case, a driver threw his packet of noodles at the guy on discovering he had been booked.

In another a driver videotaped an “officer” whose bike had crossed the waiting line at a traffic junction.

There was also an incident of a Certis vehicle being booked for illegal parking after a complaint had been made.

Wow, this was beyond the call of duty. But on closer examination a netizen discovered the duplicity: the summons slip was blank.

Certis Cisco has a great sense not only for nosing out lucrative deals but also humour. Still makes me chuckle whenever I recall this sleight of hand.

This surely deserves some kind of award perhaps for a brainwave or something.

An MP recently admonished an “Officer”: “As long as they don’t cause obstruction, it’s OK.”

But in their search in every nook and corner, actuated by monetary gain, for illegal parking Certis people are merely sticking to the letter of the law.

Sometimes it’d be better for harmonious relations to apply the spirit of the law.

At the end of the day, LTA and Certis Cisco take the credit for creating a lot of resentment against the regime.

Double standard: isn’t their bike causing obstruction and illegally parked as well? ( along a main road downtown)


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