LTA the golden goose: fines and fees

We all live in accordance with our values. If we value generosity, instinctively we act in a generous manner towards others.

Governments and organisations behave likewise. Whatever values they cherish will be reflected in their policies.

One of the PAP regime’s core values,without a shadow of a doubt, is greed. It chases after every cent with a plethora of taxes, levies, and fees.

This value is reflected all the way down the line.

For example, the Land Transport Authority is a golden goose. It rakes in billions in ERP and COEs alone. The regime must be extremely pleased with its “performance”.

This regime is behaving more like big business than to be of service to the people.

Golden goose: even on a Saturday downtown with very light traffic, ERP rakes in $$$$$


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  1. Very pissed off! They did nothing to solve problems, just create more problems in the form of higher costs of living, making everyone except themselves the losers! Really get screwed up big time! All politicians are evils. They’re just like gangsters, mafias! They set the laws, but they’re above the laws.

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