Cycling in Singapore: PCN is the way to go

Call it the perfect storm if you like: the convergence of sky-high COEs, packed MRT trains and buses and frequent train breakdowns.

All this is enough to make you tear out whatever remains of your hair.

However before you do that there is a perfect solution to our transport woes.

And that is to take up cycling.

It’s now a worthwhile idea as pavements are generally wide and the Park Connector Network (PCN) has been expanded.

You not only save on transport fares, car parks but get some exercise too. And ,of course, the days of inhaling armpits are over.

Last evening, I discovered a route to Marina Bay from Yio Chu Kang Road using mainly the PCN without needing to cycle on the road.

The route: AMK Ave 5 PCN-Ave 10-Ave 1-Bishan Road-Bishan Park PCN-Kallang River PCN-Marina Bay

I covered the 15 km distance in an hour.

Being a compact country, Singapore is ideally suited to cycling. Perhaps, with the political will Singapore can become another cycling capital of Asia like Taiwan. We are already rivals in the culinary domain.

Bishan PCN

Kallang PCN: The new National Stadium taking shape


2 Responses to “Cycling in Singapore: PCN is the way to go”

  1. Not sure about this! On the whole, cyclist in Singapore gives me a bad impression. Quite a number of them are quite selfish. I encounter lots of them at my place downstairs my flat. They just speed without caring if they will to knock down some folks because there are blind corners, at which both the cyclist and pedestrian can’t see each other. Lots of those cyclists just occupy those paths that are used by pedestrians.

    There is an overhead bridge at downstairs of my block, which is not the staircase type which is meant to make it easy for the old folks and those who use wheel-chairs. There are signs that said cyclists are not allowed to use this bridge. Well, someone just erased that forbidden sign and almost everyone with a bicycle just openly flout the rules. Very sickening! They are just like pests to me.

    Sad to say, Singaporeans are not that ‘cultured’ ! If they’re, I will wholeheartedly support cycling as a form of healthy and cheap transport.

    • Yes, I agree there are the ugly cyclists. NatParks will be expanding the PCN even more. Hopefully, that will satisfy both parties.

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