LTA Enforcement Officers: greedy, cunning and abusing authority?

Over coffee a retiree related how he was fined by a LTA Enforcement Officer or pest as many dub them.

He rides a junk of a scooter which is at least 20 years old.

“I just parked for three minutes,” he protested.

The much hated pest said, “No such thing as three minutes.”

My friend was fined $70. And for a poor retiree it hurts.

Little wonder then there is war between motorists and these sneaky pests who now even venture into quiet private estates to look for business.

It’s safe to assume LTA has instructed them to take no quarters, to simply go by the book.

Is LTA behaving like a big bully trying to extract as much revenue as possible or to serve the public?

What makes your blood boil is that the pests are abusing their authority by themselves parking illegally.

I’d like the AG office to comment on this abuse of authority. Are we encouraging foreigners, even if they are in uniform, to flout the law with impunity? Is there double standard?

Id also like LTA to comment on its apparent revenue exercise and why foreigners are mainly selected to be law enforcement officers.

“How to support this kind of government?” my friend fumed.

Pests reviled: netizens pour scorn on LTA pests.

Double standard: Certis Cisco vehicles parked illegally in lots clearly meant for lorries and buses.


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  1. Sigh ! Don’t know what’s wrong these days with Singapore. Many things are not working as they used to !

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