Cap on foreign tenants in HDB estates: proof government out of touch NOT Singaporeans

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan told Parliament yesterday (8 Mar) that the HDB will cap approvals for all new HDB tenancy agreements involving foreigners, and those up for renewal.

The move to cap the number of foreign tenants in each HDB block is to prevent the formation of foreigner enclaves.

Also, with immediate effect, tenancy agreements involving foreigners will be capped at 1.5 years instead of the previous 3 years.

This government has been sleeping over the years but paying themselves the highest ministerial salaries in the world for governing only 700 sq km.

Singaporeans have long noticed these foreigner enclaves and their lack of interest in integration.

Their numbers are huge so there’s no motivation to integrate. They can get along nicely in their little Mumbai, Chinatown and Manila. No thank you.

This is what’s happening at the playground near my place. Each community mingles only with their own kind, each in their own bubble. The kids emulate the adults.

I spoke to a group of kids. "We are all from Mumbai,” they declared proudly.

PAP has destroyed our social tapestry. Sometimes I feel like a stranger in my own country.

PRC enclave: integration is the last thing on their minds. Every night more than a dozen of them gather here.


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  2. When foreigners arrive in big numbers, you can forget about integration. If they come in very small numbers, in order to survive, they will try to befriend locals and try to integrate. When they come in large numbers, they can form their own clan groups to take care of each other and will not see the need to mingle with locals. As you can see long long time ago, when small group of Chinese 1st arrived, they become Babas, integrated quite well to locals and learn to speak Malay. But later, when our ancestors came in big groups, we didn’t need to be Babas, because we formed our dialect associations to take care of own group’s interest. History is a good lesson. It’s only our idiotic government that didn’t seem to realize this and of course, most of us are even more idiotic enough to choose such people to lead the country. We’re all super stupid fools! Even foreigners look down on us!

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