Greedy PAP government: no plans to remove evening and Saturday ERP.

Transport Minister says ERP has served Singapore well. Ya, right.

Serve the regime well maybe in raking in billions in revenue. They are already squeezing motorists in every conceivable way imaginable.

Maybe he’s right about morning ERP. But I think he is definitely wrong on evening and Saturday ERP.

After office hours, why does he worry about congestion. It’s our business what time we arrive home.

Much bigger cities like KL, Jakarta, Bangkok and Manila have no ERP yet their economy is doing fine.

On Saturdays I’ve noticed some roads in the city are so deserted that motorists can drive as if they are F1 drivers. This is no exaggeration.

No, Minister Lui’s refusal to lift evening and Saturday ERP is consistent with this government core value of greed. So stop all this mumbo-jumbo about how ERP has served Singapore well.

The fact is every time ERP siphons money from our cash card, the government is cursed.

“I won’t vote for this guy in 2016,” a friend said. “Greedy bastards. All this adds to our cost of living.”


He seems to be one of the most unpopular cabinet ministers. I don’t expect him to be around after the next GE.

Does the army of LTA Enforcement Officers roaming in backlanes, culs- de-sac, industrial estates and private housing estates till late in the night harassing and targeting motorists for illegal parking also serving Singapore?

I await your comment Minister Lui.

ERP on deserted roads?: ridiculous and absurd


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  1. ERP is ‘gold mine’. Politicians are addicted to this, really not sure if ERP will be done away with any change of government! Quite disillusioned with everything!

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