LTA Greed: enforcement officers chasing after every cent

In earlier posts, I mentioned how LTA Enforcement Officers, mainly recruited from Malaysia, roamed far and wide, to every nook
and corner, targeting cars to summon for illegal parking.

If motorists cause obstruction and danger to other road users, they deserve to be summoned.

In recent days, I went to Tagore Industrial Estate. On two separate occasions, I saw LTA enforcement officers in action. One stood
across the street and took pictures of a car parked opposite outside a shop.

Obviously this area is a good fishing ground to make extra commissions.

If you have ever been to this area, you’d know it’s a very “ulu” and quiet industrial estate.

Even here there is paid parking,
even at night. Clearly, the aim is to drive motorists into paid parking not because there’s a serious parking problem here.

Motorists already pay the highest road tax in the world . Road tax funds the building of roads so what’s wrong with allowing some free roadside parking?

Singaporeans must speak up and oppose attempts to make them pay and pay all the time.

A friend who was fined for parking his ancient scooter was told off by an enforcement officer: ” No such thing as three minutes” when he protested that he had parked only for three minutes.

“How to support this kind of government?” he fumed. He’s only a poor retiree still working at age 75 to make ends meet.

Well done LTA for helping the cause of the opposition. Every summons issued possibly results in a vote for the alternative parties. Thank you, LTA.
Chasing after every cent even in “ulu” Tagore Industrial Estate with paid parking till 10pm.
In JB: paid parking mostly outside shops but largely free in side roads, back lanes, private estates and most streets except main ones.

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