Removal of Saturday ERP: proof of PAP government greed

When MPs clamoured for the removal of Saturday ERP the regime was unmoved. This is not surprising as profiteering at the people’s expense is one of its CORE values.

“Every damn bloody thing PAP makes us pay,” exclaimed the 75 year old retiree who was fined for parking his ancient scooter (rightfully belongs to a museum) for three minutes.

With most offices closed, the city is dead. Just go to Telok Ayer Street, Amoy Street, Club Street and McCallum Street and you can see how deserted they are.

However, once ERP is lifted the city comes alive with shoppers and diners.

Without the scourge of ERP, cities like KL, Bangkok, Hong Kong bustle with activities. I wonder why businesses here and AA remain silent on the issue.

With millions flowing into its coffers, naturally the regime is reluctant to kill the golden goose.

But there’s a huge political price to pay for its greed. LTA must be the blue-eyed “boy” of the regime.

The 75 year old retiree fumed: ” How to support this government?”

Daylight robbery 1: no congestion but ERP in operation. Clearly unjustified.

Daylight robbery 2: one can drive like a Grand Prix driver here but ERP sucks away your money. Again, clearly unjustified.

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