Sticker Lady charged in court: DOUBLE STANDARD?

I’m saddened to read that SPF have charged Sticker Lady aka Samantha Loo and her male accomplice, Anthony Chong.

My immediate reaction was one of incredulity.

Haven’t SPF got more pressing things to do? Like preventing and fighting crime like other police forces in other parts of the world for example?

Netizens have been quick to notice the double standard. For instance, Amy Cheong of NTUC (but since resigned) was merely let off with a stern warning for the more serious offence of making racist comments.

So why can’t the duo be treated with similar compassion and understanding?

As I’ve noted in an earlier post on the subject, why are the stickers of property agents and loan sharks and others not regarded as offences?

Unlike the more artistic creations of Sticker Lady, theirs deface walls lamp posts and bus shelters.

Even a Primary 3 kid can see the double standard.

Finally the other day, the Police Commissioner emerged to talk about the duties and responsibilities of SPF. I hope he addresses this widespread perception of double standard. He needs to clear the air if SPF is to be respected as a professional and fair organisation.

If Samantha and Anthony had displayed their creative energies in the UK, they’d have been hailed as unique talent.

With such narrow-minded authorities, is it any wonder then that the arts in Singapore are in the doldrums?

Which parents want their children to pursue the arts in such a stifling and repressive atmosphere?

Looking at the issue broadly, it’s consistent with a regime whose CORE VALUE IS REPRESSION.

SPF should step up patrols to fight crime instead of being invisible.

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