LTA Greed: Enforcement Officers chasing after every cent Part 2

One look at the picture of the yellow lines in a narrow back lane in
Singapore and a Malaysian burst out laughing like mad.

“This is crazy. Your government is insanely greedy for money,” he said. “You Singaporeans are easily bullied we Malaysians always say.”

“In Malaysia, parking is generally free. After all, roads are funded by our road tax which is very much lower than Singapore’s. And there’s no such nonsense as yellow lines or paid parking in back lanes. Haha.”

Even in Cameron Highlands, a popular tourist destination for the last 50 years, parking is free everywhere he said.

He said we Singaporeans have been stupid to have allowed the authorities to get away with it.

“That’s the trouble with a one-party state like Singapore,” he said.

I agreed. Then I related the story of how a poor retiree was booked for parking his ancient Vespa scooter for only three minutes.

So enraged was he that he said,”How to support this government?

Free parking: Even though the Cameron Highlands is a very popular tourist destination, parking is free. No BS excuses like the need to ensure orderly and the availability of parking to squeeze $$$$ out of motorists.

Greed: this is the picture that made my Malaysian friend laugh like mad. Even here LTA wants to chase after $$$$.


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  2. We only have ourselves to blame for in supporting such a government and let it milks us for over 50 years!

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