May Day Protest at Hong Lim 2013

Another milestone on the road to democracy was achieved at Hong Lim Park today.

Dubbed the May Day Protest, it was the sequel to the unprecedented protest in Feb against the White Paper on 6.9 million. According to the organisers, it drew between 5 to 6 thousand people.

During the press conference, one of the speakers bemoaned the erosion of family ties when children can’t communicate with their grandparents in dialects.

To promote Mandarin, the government suppressed the use of dialects, and this is the sorry outcome today.

A senior citizen in the audience lambasted the government over the second language requirement to enter varsity. He said many who couldn’t pass Chinese were forced to go oversees at great financial sacrifice to their parents. And many preferred to stay abroad after graduation.

But with the sudden abolition of the second language requirement (rumour has it that this was to benefit a certain family), foreign students swarmed our universities.

He did not mince his words in lambasting the government. His anger was palpable.

The crowd to a man roared WE WANT CHANGE.

A speaker cautioned that change may not be easy to achieve unless there was a 13% swing as in the Punggol East By-Election.

The crowd was good-natured and polite. Who says Singaporeans can’t protest peacefully?

Street demonstrations make for a greater impact but are banned. This is no surprise.

Singapore is arguably one of the most repressive regimes in the world.

One of the many eye-catching posters at Hong Lim Park.

Many messages here denounced the government. They clearly reflected the anger and frustrations of Singaporeans.

Many stepped up to add their voices which were suppressed by the PAP regime for 50 years. One declared: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


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