PM Lee May Day Message: another wayang?

Netizens have greeted PM
Lee’s May Day Message to work with the leaders for a better Singapore with derision and skepticism.

Does this surprise people anymore? No. Because PM Lee is widely seen as an ineffectual leader with a propensity for making lip service statements.

Under his watch, the social fabric of our country has changed dramatically. Many have bemoaned that sometimes they felt like strangers given the overwhelming presence of foreigners.

In the very near future, Singapore will be home to 50% of foreigners. Given their reproductive prowess, they will constitute the majority. This troubles many Singaporeans.

Under PM Lee watch, the cost of living, housing and car prices shot up. With poor oversight by the regime, foreign workers robbed Singaporeans of jobs. You know the rest.

At his swearing-in speech, PM Lee made a commitment in welcoming a diversity of views. That it was only a lip service declaration was driven home when he threatened legal action against views he felt were untrue.

How many heads of state in the world have resorted to this action? In Singapore it’s the default action to quell dissent, long-time observers of Singapore would remind you.

In a more democratic country, MPs of the ruling party would have called for his head. But cowardly MPs of the PAP look the other way, extolling the Emperor’s new clothes as still resplendent.

A septuagenarian friend, who was fined for illegal parking by a LTA’s marauding Enforcement Officer, said, “How to support this kind of government?”

Only an arrogant government thinks it knows best.


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  1. never read his speech, never bothers to listen to his lies! rather listen to a dog barking

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