Unjustified and Greedy: Saturday ERP

LTA “raided” my money yesterday evening.

It was a Saturday. But ERP was in operation till 8 pm in the city.

Even when traffic was very light and I could go up to 80, 90 kph.

Everywhere I turned ERP ambushed me. Just to drop off a passenger at the Esplanade ( driving from AMK) I had to pass an ERP gantry 4 times.

And it’s not cheap. ERP is $2. Why $2 when there’s no congestion?

Why not 50 cents or $1 if LTA is so determined to rake in revenue for the regime?

On Saturday, most offices are closed hence traffic is light.

Businesses suffer when people keep away. I’ve noticed that once ERP ceases operation, motorists flock into the city.

ERP is another one of the many many hidden taxes that the regime hits Singaporeans with.

Some may laugh and say You can
afford a car and can’t pay ERP? Bear it mind the cumulative expenses of car ownership are very high.

Nothing is free. But I don’t mind paying if it’s justified. I think many feel the same way.

One of the core values of the regime is GREED. This is reflected in the many hidden taxes and all sorts of payments you are forced to make. This explains why Singapore is the 6th most expensive country in the world.

With ERP tentacles reaching even into the heartland, the regime should in
fairness seriously consider cutting road tax which is arguably the highest in the world.

I’ll never support this regime which consistently squeezes us for money and pay themselves obscene salaries which they claim are justified.

Remove ERP or reinforce the view that the Singapore regime is greedy.

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