GE 13/ PRU 13: Lessons for Singapore

GE13: lessons for Singapore

Malaysian leaders are proud of their democracy and often touch on it.

In sharp contrast, across the Causeway in Singapore the ruling PAP avoids the word “democracy” like the plague.

The nearest to a “cracy” word Singapore ruling party leaders mention is “meritocracy”. But the word is pregnant with irony. LOL


You see, through the GRC system the ruling party was able to parachute its candidates into Parliament. In past GEs many sneaked into Parliament via the back door through walkovers.

The result is there for all to see: incompetent ministers and yes-man MPs.

PM Najib said today he was not concerned about demonstrations because he believed Malaysians practised a “mature democracy”.

In Singapore, the ruling regime has erected a wall of repressive laws to emasculate the opposition and to frighten the people into submission.

Even a one-man demonstration for a cause scares the regime and is considered illegal.

Will the day come when the ruling party dare to use the word DEMOCRACY?

Perhaps, Singaporeans can upstage Malaysians by ousting the authoritarian PAP in GE 2016?

Then we won’t be the butt of jokes by Malaysians who dismiss Singaporeans as sissies.

May Day demonstration in a football size park (street demonstrations are illegal).

3 Responses to “GE 13/ PRU 13: Lessons for Singapore”

  1. Actually,if you look deeper and harder, PAP is actually practicing Communism. That’s why you can see China sending down so many officials to learn Singapore’s brand of Communism. PAP is actually the Communist Party of Singapore.

    We have only one newspaper, only one government-controlled labor union, government-controlled public transport (in contrast to the old days in Singapore) and lots of things in Singapore are controlled by the government, we don’t even have the right to get easy access to our CPF, they’re making it more and more difficult for people to take out our CPF, so that when people die, there are still a lot of CPF money left for them to steal.

    Wake up, wake up. Only fools believe Singapore has democracy. Right from the beginning, PAP is Communist, they call themselves socialist!

    • You are quite right.

      Singapore bears many similarities to Communist China.

      In certain ways, Singapore is even more of a police state than China.

    • With regards to our CPF, they keep moving the goal posts and this infuriates many people.

      Many hint at the dark side of CPF. If this is true, we are doomed unless Singaporeans get their act together.

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