Freedom of the Press: Singapore sinks lower

ST aka Shitty Times/PAP Times continues to excel in consistency: in being consistently at the bottom of the class in the global ranking for press freedom.

It ranks 153 out of 197 countries, with Afghanistan, Iraq and Qatar for company.

For a country the regime brags as a first world country, its press freedom remains like those of third world countries.

The latest Freedom of the Press report says,” Of the 197 countries and territories assessed during 2012, a total of 63 (32 percent) were rated Free, 70 (36 percent) were rated Partly Free, and 64 (32 percent) were rated Not Free.”

With such low ranking, obviously our press freedom is Not Free.

Regime leaders extol ST as reliable and trustworthy. How they come to this conclusion baffles me.

The report is yet another confirmation I’ve been right to boycott ST. Unless you don’t mind being brainwashed.

With a jittery regime, there will be greater crackdowns and threats of defamation suits against dissent.

All consistent with a police state.

And ST will sink even lower in global ranking.

What a shame.


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