Pathetic: former president Nathan urges more Singaporeans to volunteer

I laughed so loud that I sent my cat scurrying for cover.

I read that former president Nathan urged more Singaporeans to volunteer!

In his 8 long years as a puppet president did he himself volunteer? He prides himself on initiating The President’s Challenge to urge people todonate to worthy causes. Maybe he sees this as a form of volunteerism.

In his eight years of quiet presidency he earned millions, funded by taxpayers. Did he donate a cent?

Netizens invariably draw attention to the number of properties he owns. That he prospered is evident.

Yahoo News drew 187 reactions from readers. I’ll highlight a few.

“With the 8 years of salaries you had, we urge you to donate more.”

“When you are our President, you didn’t think about all those poor people ? Now, retired with Millions and owner of several houses, you are asking us to volunteer ? All MPs, President & civil servants who received PENSION & MEDICAL BENEFITS should be the one doing social services….!”

“Why don’t PAP and his Team of Elites and their own pool of MPs contribute VOLUNTEER SERVICE to serve the Nation not for Free but just accept to take 10% of their existing salary instead of drawing millions over dollars…???? We believe you must be joking Mr. ex-President Nathan to ask all the dying Native Citizens to contribute Volunteer Service when you People In White Up There are drawing millions of dollars salary beside receiving Long Term PENSIONS & MEDICAL BENEFITS….!!!! You must be getting too old and start talking with an Unsound Mind..!!! What do you think ??”

If you are sufficiently agitated now read the rest of the comments here

Now a millionaire, thanks to the generous regime, he preaches the importance of compassion. Pathetic.

I hope he’ll realise that the millions he pocketed came from the public purse part of which came from the sweat and toil of the older generation, many of whom are still eking out a hand to mouth existence as cleaners at food courts, in toilets and coffee shops.

It’s time he seriously considers giving back to society instead of pontificating.

It may be good for his karma.

A common sight: the elderly poor still
struggling to make ends meet. Can Nathan help with his millions taken from
ordinary Singaporeans like her?


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  1. Don’t bother to listen to what these people are talking. That’s why I hardly listen or watch any TV news which give such people too much of coverage.

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