Satellite ERP for congestion only: yet another wayang from regime


I had another good laugh when I read the Transport Minister’s claim that the impending Satellite ERP would be targeted at only congestion.

These people can make a good living being a stand-up comedian. LOL.

You believe him?

Then why does he refuse to remove Saturday ERP when there is virtually zero congestion? Clearly the money is too good to forgo.

The PAP regime has lost the trust of the people.

When ERP was first introduced they said the same thing- to reduce congestion. But gradually the hours were extended to net as many motorists as possible. Where else in the world a country has congestion charge till 10pm (until only recently)?

GST is to help the poor the regime trumpeted. But it became yet another revenue instrument.

The regime’s credibility has been shot to pieces. We no longer trust them.

Squeezing motorists for $$$$: zero congestion on a Saturday but ERP in operation. Do you see what we see, Minister Lui?

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