Singapore Press Freedom: an indictment on ruling PAP

“You’re still subscribing to ST?” a friend asked.

“You sound surprised,” I replied.

He explained why. He had read my posts on the satellite ERP and former President Nathan’s call to Singaporeans to volunteer more, news given prominence in Shitty Times aka PAP Times.

There are other sources of news on the Internet I pointed out.

Who wants to pay to read propaganda? Must have your head examined.

Shitty Times is ranked so low globally (149 out of 179) that it’s in the company of Iraq, Russia and Burma.

Singapore may be tops in many areas eg Changi Airport, global competitiveness, ease of doing business but it’s right at the bottom for press freedom.

Some even put us on the same level as North Korea.

It’s hardly surprising actually.

It’s consistent with one of the core values of the Singapore regime: REPRESSION.

Stacks of Shitty Times still unsold by 7 pm on a Saturday at Compasspoint.


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  1. Didn’t subscribe to Straits Times or even Business Times, my office also didn’t subscribe to them, it’s widely known, their circulations are going down, that Singapore Press has to become a landlord of shopping malls if it is to survive. Singapore has no real newspaper man. Singapore is mentally dead!

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