Protest at Merlion Park: harsh reaction by Singapore

Again I find the Singapore Police Force (SPF) disappointing.

SPF was swift to arrest Malaysians for protesting at Merlion Park.

True, the law has been broken. But why revoked their work and social visit passes? This is unduly harsh
particularly the cancellation of work passes.

These people were just making a stand for democracy and transparency. Sometimes one can easily get carried away.

Did they threaten our national security? Did they annoy members of the public?

They didn’t, did they?

Some might say the law is the law. However it depends if the law is fair, reasonable and serves the interests of the public.

It’s instructive also to bear in mind the importance of adhering to the spirit of the law as well.

The law should also be applied with some restraint and kindness. Even
common sense.

So the authorities’ reactions are widely seen as over the top. By all means, fine them but revoking work passes exposes once again the repressive nature of the ruling regime.

Even Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)
has handed a memo to the Singapore Embassy in KL urging for leniency and understanding.

Little wonder Singa, the lion mascot for the Singapore Kindness Movement, has quit in a huff over the failure of the movement to take off.

Not surprising when this regime is known more for its repressive and vindictive tendencies than kindness.

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