Singapore Kindness Movement mascot Singa quits: regime leaders fail big time in kindness

After 30 years, Singa has quit.

Singa is the lion mascot for the Singapore Kindness Movement. Apparently Singa quit over the failure of the movement to make a significant impact on society.

Singa need not have been disheartened.

Kindness does prevail at many levels of our society: among family members, friends, colleagues, in the community and even between strangers.

Singaporeans are also swift to donate in times of natural disasters that befall other countries.

Sadly, there are two areas that fall short in kindness: in government and in the political arena. This is ironical as the Kindness Movement was a response to former PM Goh CT call for a caring and gracious society.

Wiki states: “The city-state had the second highest per-capita execution rate in the world between 1994 and 1999, estimated by the United Nations to be 1.383 executions annually per hundred thousand of population during that period.[1] The highest was Turkmenistan (now an abolitionist country) with 1.492.”

Clemencies in Singapore are rare.

PAP Ministers voted themselves millions in salaries and bonuses. Even the figure head President earns millions.

While they were prepared to rake in millions, they ignored the plight of the elderly poor. Giving too much assistance to this group of people would amount to welfarism is the mantra of the regime.

Ministers have prospered beyond their wildest dreams. People have noticed they have not repaid society in any substantive ways.

They are not engaged in any philanthropy. They have not given away part of their millions raided from
the public purse.

A politician in power has the privilege of touching lives and making a difference by kind words and deeds. His kindness can seep down to various levels of government.

Merely preaching kindness and not practising it is hypocritical.

Having said that, this should not detract the man in the street from the importance of showing kindness to our fellow men.

Elderly poor: regime leaders have failed this generation of nation builders.

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