Cycling to Sungei Rengit

The last time I cycled in the Pengerang area in SE Johor was probably 10 years ago.

Hearing about the oil refinery project in this corner of Johor, I felt I had to revisit.

The welcome change is that the boat to the Tanjung Pengelih pier was air-conditioned.

The ride from Pengelih to the seafood haven of Sungei Rengit (20 km) resembled the ride in the East Coast in Kelantan. Traffic was light and the sea was just within spitting distance.

The tropical weather in Malaysia can BBQ you but on the day I went the weather was mercifully less scorching than expected.

In perhaps 5 years, this quiet and picturesque corner of Johor will be transformed into a port and huge oil refinery.

A pity.

Wonder what went through the mind of the guy who put up this notice on the boat.

WW2 relic: I was surprised this was still standing.

Side dish: besides seafood, Sungei Rengit offers other distractions.

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