MDA online news sites licensing: the Great Merlion Firewall Internet censorship

Young people hate the PAP regime.

90% of young people I have spoken to expressed their immense dissatisfaction with the ruling regime. It’s tiresome to repeat their grouses as these are well-known to the majority.

The latest act of repression by the PAP regime has aroused the ire of young people: the ridiculous and regressive restrictions slapped on online news sites.

Many of them are already toying with the idea of migrating. They feel strongly that this is a police state, and that they will have no place in Singapore given the massive imports of foreigners.

One young lawyer said, “Have you seen the hordes of India Indians during lunch time? Clearly they’ve displaced our locals. I don’t believe our locals can’t do the jobs they are doing!”

Another who’s doing his PH D in London vows not to return. “Singapore will soon be turned into a third world country,”he said.

The old hate the PAP regime too.

Friends who are usually apathetic towards politics suddenly messaged and phoned me to voice their dismay over the Internet restrictions.

One SMS said: “ALAMAK, PAP now wants to control the Internet.”

Another phoned me.”Have you heard about the clampdown on the Internet?”

Typical of all police states, the PAP regime has this fetish of controlling everything.

So when the Transport Minister said that Satellite ERP would only be used for traffic congestion, I had a hearty laugh.

Beware, Big Brother will soon be monitoring your every movement.

Soon too, once the regime has muzzled the online news sites, they will turn their attention to “ikan bilis” blogs like this.

I won’t be surprised. After all the core value of the regime is repression.

To censor the Internet, China has the Great Firewall.

Ours can be dubbed The Merlion Firewall?

A certain 89-year-old MP, still enjoying his monthly MP entitlement of $15,000, once bragged that he dragged Singapore screaming from the third world to the first world.

Any first world country that requires licensing of online news sites and a SGD$50,000 bond?

Looks like we’re being dragged back into the Dark Ages.

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