A pity for beautiful Malaysia: Malaysians don’t throw rubbish properly

Environmental groups today lambast Malaysians for their habit of littering.

As a frequent traveller in Malaysia, I’ve often noticed widespread littering everywhere from the beaches to hill resorts. This may even pose a danger. For example, broken bottles litter Cherating Beach on the East Coast.

Littering mar Cameron Highlands. Picnic grounds at waterfalls are blighted by littering.

One reason is the lack of litter bins. Unless people hold on to that wrapper, empty cigarette pack or banana skin until they spot a litter bin, it’s easier for most to simply throw it onto the road, grass verge or drain.

Some suggest tackling the problem Singapore-style: handing out fines to litter-bugs.

I don’t propose to preach to Malaysians. After all I’m only a visitor, and visitors don’t criticise how the host deals with their own backyard. Besides, Malaysians are hospitable and friendly people.

But there’s always room for improvement, isn’t it?

It’s a pity to see littering spoiling the enjoyment of many beautiful spots for both locals and visitors.

To be honest, Singapore’s standard has dropped somewhat. This is due to the millions of immigrants and foreigners who have flooded the island. These people don’t have a culture of public cleanliness in their home countries.

“Proudly made in Malaysia” is the rallying cry of Malaysian manufacturers. How about “Proudly preserved by Malaysians” for the environment?

A beach in Kelantan


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