Free My Internet: free my country from dictatorship

I’ve never seen anything like it before.

The opposition and anger over MDA’s licensing of news websites is even more profound than that of the Population White Paper.

Friends who had been apathetic towards local politics out of the blue called or messaged me with expressions of outrage.

My response is always the same. Singapore is a dictatorship all but in name.

The Singapore regime has all the characteristics of a dictatorship: control of the media and now even the Internet, control of all public institutions like the electoral board, amending the Constitution to strip citizens of the right to assembly and free speech, fixing the opposition through defamation suits, Singapore being a de facto single- party state.

The Singapore regime has a notorious track record of duplicity.

For example, it pledged that the Goods and Services Tax ( GST) was to help the poor. But it eventually became a revenue-raising measure.

COE was meant to control congestion. But this noble aim has been forgotten when the COE system raked in billions.

GRC was meant to ensure minority representation in Parliament but it was used to parachute the ruling party’s appointees into Parliament in either electoral walkovers or on the tailcoats of Ministers.

MDA assures us that individual blogs like mine will be spared but don’t bet on it given the regime notorious record of duplicity. Gradually it will escalate to ensnare popular socio-politico sites like ONLINE CITIZEN and TR EMERITUS.

A certain 89-year-old politician, still enjoying his monthly MP allowance of $15000 ( exactly what he does to justify this huge allowance remains a mystery) once bragged that with practice repression became easier. It was no idle boast. He sued opposition leaders and won, even imprisoning activists without trial.

The clampdown on the Internet is a reaffirmation of this core value of repression of the ruling PAP which has always resented dissent.

It wants to ensure that what we read on the Internet is the RIGHT thing.

The ruling PAP is “brilliant”. It has added another characteristic to the meaning of a dictatorship.

Widespread boycott of ST, the regime mouthpiece: presumably reading ST is the right thing. But ST is ranked 149 out of 179 for press freedom by Reporters Without Borders.

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