Free My Internet: protest at Hong Lim Park

Every damn thing can be news. If you relate a bizarre experience of someone shitting in a public place, under MDA catch-all definition it can be considered as news and you are liable to be licensed and to fork out $50,000
as a performance bond.

After 50 years of one-party rule, the ruling party the PAP has become the undisputed leader of how to be repressive.

The haste with which the regime passed the law on the matter baffled Singaporeans.

However, what’s certain is a profoundly out of touch and incredibly stupid government. It’s bent on retaining power by forcibly dragging us back into the dark ages with its Internet censorship.

It also strengthens the widespread perception that this is a hypocritical government.

At his swearing-in ceremony after the last general election, the Prime Minister asserted, “Our politics cannot remain static either. More interest groups and alternative views have emerged, competing for support. Our political system can and must accommodate more views, more debate and more participation.”

The duplicity is crystal clear.

He also said, “…the Government will engage all segments of society – young and old, students, workers and retirees. We will reach out online and in the real world. We will listen carefully to different voices, understand the day-to-day difficulties and strains facing Singaporeans, address their concerns and be open to inputs on what Government can do better.”

A former Singapore PM congratulated Myanmar on its political reform but the ruling PAP regime own political reform is long overdue.

What hypocrisy.

The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will no doubt feel very comfortable in Singapore.
RIP democracy.

The ruling regime brags that we have a first world Parliament and government but it’s dragging the country into the Dark Ages.


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  1. They said one thing and will did another……PAP cowards is evil to the core!!!

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