Free My Internet: protest at Hong Lim Park Part 2

I’m grateful to the coalition of alternative media for organizing the FREE MY INTERNET protest at Hong Lim Park yesterday.

I’m also proud of my fellow bloggers who turned up in full force.

Thanks to MDA’s censorship, for that is what it actually amounts to amid all its mumbo jumbo, the world is once again reminded that Singapore is a de facto dictatorship.

Bloomberg, Himalayan Times, Japan Today, The Sun (UK) and others highlighted news about the protest.

A comment in Japan Today is remarkably perceptive: “tkoind2JUN. 11:01PM JST

Singapore is, has been and will continue to be a masked police state. It has a long history of silencing opposition and keeping its ruling class in power at the expense of any opposition.

Just because the corporates have found a cheap well educated labor source there, and thus moved so many people to work there, does not mean that the state itself is advanced. Singapore is repressive and has demonstrated a willingness to be so time and again.

I would not live there.”

For far too long Singaporeans had kept silent over one repressive edict after another. But the era of the Internet has finally caught up with the ruling regime.

And the regime has responded in a predictable manner: clampdown and censorship.

Its latest outburst is a sign it’s jittery and desperate.

In the era of YouTube and Twitter, this time round Singaporeans are speaking up. Well done.

Bottom of the class ranking at 149 out of 179 countries for the Singapore media. Consistent with an authoritarian regime.

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