Free My Internet: another proof of an insincere govt

I’ve said many times before that the Prime Minister of Singapore has a predilection for paying lip service or “wayang” in the local slang.

During the last General Election in 2011, facing great resentment against his authoritarian government he declared that the people were the masters while the politicians were servants. Stirring words worthy of an entry in any Quotable Quotes.

But after the election, he and his government has reverted to their customary arrogance.

With the prize in the bag and his million dollars salary assured (self-voted and highest in the world), he went on to make more empty promises at his swearing-in ceremony.

He bragged, “…the Government will engage all segments of society – young and old, students, workers and retirees. We will reach out online and in the real world. We will listen carefully to different voices, understand the day-to-day difficulties and strains facing Singaporeans, address their concerns and be open to inputs on what Government can do better.”

However, now the government has made it mandatory for news sites reporting on Singapore to be licensed. This amounts to censorship and attempts to emasculate the political opposition.

The law was enacted in great haste without any Parliamentary and public debate. So much for the on-going National Conversation which is widely derided as window-dressing.

The latest authoritarian edict proves that people were right that the National CONversation was just for show.

If the ruling PAP were a business entity, it’d been forced into bankruptcy long ago.

Regime brags that we have a first class Parliament but the licensing of online news sites law bypassed Parliament.

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