PAP government post GE 2011: 10 reasons why Singaporeans remain unhappy

So two years after the General Election of 2011, have our lives improved?

Frankly, the majority would say no. These are some of the reasons most would agree with:

1. Train breakdowns are getting more frequent.

2. Trains are as packed as ever.

3. White Paper on 6.9 million population rammed down our throats.

4. Many feel that there is a double standard in law enforcement. I came across an example here

4. The ruling regime hastily passed a law to license online news sites, bypassing Parliament.

5. Regime made a loan of US 4 BILLION to IMF without any Parliamentary debate or approval of the President.

6. Prices of housing remain very high.

7. Prices of cars remain sky-high.

8. Restrictions on car loans make it even harder for the average Singaporeans to own a car.

9. Dengue fever cases have crossed the 10,000 mark

10. Prices at coffee shop, food courts and hawker centres have generally gone up.

For the sake of brevity, I’ve listed only 10.

With a Prime Minister who leads from behind and a President who sees no evil and hears no evil, it’s unsurprising morale is low and pessimism widespread.

Criticism of the ruling regime continues unabated.

Stung by this, the ruling regime has reacted in a manner typical of all authoritarian states: censoring online dissent under certain conditions.

Most people are of the impression that the Singapore government is probably the MOST authoritarian in the whole of ASEAN.

Media control by the PAP regime: the cartoonist, Leslie Chew, was arrested for alleged sedition

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