President Tony Tan: see no evil, hear no evil, do no evil after 18 months in office?

The preceding post explained why our lives have not improved since the stirring promises made by PM Lee at his swearing-in ceremony two years after the 2011 General Election.

It’s fair to take stock of the government performance and if it had lived up to its pledges two years after GE 2011. In the corporate world, companies come under scrutiny every quarter.

If PM Lee were the CEO in the corporate world, he’d have been shown the door aeons ago.

Many of the problems plaguing the country from the influx of cheap labour and immigrants from third world countries, soaring housing and car prices, transport woes to joblessness among PMET can be attributed to the successor of the Lee Dynasty.

Now how about the President you might ask? Has he lived up to his electoral pledges?

At his own swearing-in ceremony the President Tony
Tan said: “I pledge that I will do my very best over the next six years to serve Singapore to the best of my ability.”

His very best? Many would say that after one and the half years, he had been very quiet.

He knows the responsibilities of his office for he said: “Uniquely, Singapore’s President also exercises vital custodial responsibilities in protecting our financial reserves, and the integrity of our public service.”

He even bragged, “I will wield this “second key” with utmost care.”

But when the PAP regime made a loan of US $4 billion to the IMF, there was not even a whimper of disagreement from him.

People have lost faith with our public institutions which are seen to be a mouthpiece of the ruling PAP rather than serving the public without fear or favour. This has put the regime on the defensive with its mouthpiece ST aka Shitty Times cheering our public institutions. However, the whole world knows ST’s global ranking is 149 out of 179 countries according to the Press Freedom index.

“I will seek to work not only with the Government, but also with civil society and community groups to advance the interests of all Singaporeans, whatever their political persuasions,” he pledged.

“Whatever your political views, whatever your station in life, I will strive to the best of my abilities to represent you.”

But when the regime cracked down on online dissent by licensing online new sites, he kept silent.

He further pledged: “During my term of office, I hope to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in all Singaporeans. Few of us may actually start new businesses or ventures. But all of us can identify needs or gaps, tinker with new ideas, and create our own opportunities. We can all benefit from such creativity and energy.”

Stirring words but nobody knows what he’s done to “encourage the entrepreneurial spirit” after 18 months in office and as the world’s highest paid figurehead President.

A former PM claimed that the National Pledge to build a democratic society was nothing more than an aspiration.

PM Lee and President Tony Tan can no doubt take comfort in that and say their pledges were only aspirations.

In other words, you daft Singaporeans had been conned into voting for the PAP.

Borrowing the parlance of stock
brokers, most people would put a SELL on PM Lee and President Tony Tan.

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