Orchard Road slashing case: SPF must keep Singapore safe from crime and harm

Singapore Baby Boomers

Within the space of a week two slashing cases occurred.

The one in Orchard Road grabbed the headlines. The other one seems to have been relegated to the background.

In that case under the pretence of asking for directions, the culprit tried to yank away the cell phone of the victim. When the victim resisted, he slashed her with a knife.

The Singapore Police Force (SPF)’s “core function is to protect the people who live in Singapore from CRIME and all manner of CRIMINAL HARM” according to its vision.

People are perplexed as to how SPF can protect us from crime and harm when there is a lack of active policing in the form of police patrols. SPF seems to have receded into the background.

It’s this out of sight, out of mind impression of SPF that in my view has emboldened youth gangs, criminal elements and people to carry…

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