PAP government: resisting electoral reform due to authoritarian form of government


This word can give PM Lee sleepless nights.

A week after the death of the assemblyman of Kuala Besut in Trengganu in Malaysia, the Election Commission in Malaysia is about to give a date for a by-election.

In contrast, when an MP of Hougang quit because of a scandal, PM Lee was tardy in calling for a by-election with all kinds of excuses. A constituent was forced to take the government to court over the matter.

When the by-election was eventually held, the ruling PAP was trounced.

Say what you will of the Malaysian Election Commission, it did its duty. Our own Electoral Commission had kept quiet over the question of holding the Hougang by-election since it is under the Prime Minister’s Office and therefore NOT independent.

In 2011, the Singapore government rejected a UN call for the formation of a real independent Electoral Commission in line with best international practice. This is hardly surprising given the fact that we live under an authoritarian regime that controls all public institutions.

If the Prime Minister can’t even have the courage to face up to a by-election, he should do an honorable thing and step down.

It’s in the interests of the country, isn’t it?

In the preceding blog post I mentioned two dreaded words for the ruling PAP-political reform.

Another two more: electoral reform.

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