PAP government reform: 10 words it hates

Since we are on the theme of words, I’ll continue with a word-related blog.

Dreaded words.

To be precise, 10 words the ruling PAP fears , hates, deplores, avoids, detests,

Words PAP Ministers and its MPs avoid using. If used by others like their political opponents and the United Nations to charge the PAP government for its shortcomings ,the government swiftly goes on the defensive and accuses you of distortion and ignorance.

The 10 words are:

1. Democracy
2. Human rights
3. Freedom of Speech
4. Freedom of the media
5. Political reform
6. Electoral reform
7. Transparency
8. Accountability
9. Independence of public institutions
10. Political and civic rights

The regime regards these bar one as taboo words. The exception is the word “Democracy” enshrined in our National Pledge.

Those who recite the National Pledge, including Ministers, pledge themselves “to build a democratic society” but after 50 years, democracy has turned out to be a mirage.

If this is not hypocrisy, I don’t what is. The ruling PAP has clearly duped the people of Singapore.

In contrast, the Prime Minister of Malaysia and the Indonesian President often declare how proud they are of their strong democracy.

Perhaps one day a Prime Minister of Singapore can say the same thing.

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