Singapore human rights: bane of PAP government

Like many others I had read Singapore’s ONLY daily newspapers for years. But with the advent of the Internet we gradually realized we had been brainwashed.

All along the Straits Times had been and is still the propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling PAP government.

For many years now I’ve boycotted the Straits Times also dubbed the Shitty Times.

However, holidaying abroad I picked up a copy of SHITTY TIMES to catch up with news from home. Skimming through the pages, an article on human rights in ASEAN stopped me in my tracks. SHITTY TIMES going to preach us on human rights? Hmmm.

Even the UN has periodically slammed Singapore for its woeful human rights record so I was taken aback. First I looked at the writer’s name. If it was a SHITTY TIMES correspondent, I’d move on.

But the name sounded like a Thai writer. The main thrust of the article was that ASEAN should do more in the area of human rights. Thailand, “the beacon of democracy” according to the writer, Indonesia and Malaysia should take the initiative.

There was no mention of Singapore. Improbable that Singapore, touted as a first world country with a first world Parliament by the ruling PAP regime, did not even merit a single line. My conclusion was that SHITTY TIMES brushed it away as the whole world knows that Singapore human rights record would make Mugabe feel delighted to have some company.

I mentioned this article to a friend.

“No wonder Shitty Times published the article. If the writer had criticised Singapore in any way on its poor human rights record, SHITTY TIMES’d not have dared to publish it,” he said.

“You can say it again,” I replied with a hearty laugh.

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